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I did this photo as a personal project for my product shots portfolio. First I had to buid the set. I have used black baking tray from the owen as a base. It had a reflective surface, so I put a black sheet of paper into. Then a placed a rock with the watches in the middle and add some more rocks around it. I added water as the last step. Afterwards I started playing with the light. As a lighting I have used 1 studio strobe with 120x90cm big softbox plus reflector as a diffusion material. The bigest challenge was to eliminate nasty reflection casted from the light on the glass part of watch. I solved this problem by flaging the light with some black foamcore. It worked only on some parts of the glass, so I had to repeate this process on the various part of the watch and then stitch it together in photoshop. All shooting process took part in the kitchen of my flat and I did 130 shots. Postprocessing took me couple of hours where I have combined multiple shots to get the image exactly as I wanted and a lot of cleaning. I cleaned the watch at the begining, but there was still plenty of dust anyway.

nikon d800e
50mm · f/11 · 1/200 · ISO 100
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Great shot and setup description.

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Thanks Liam

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very very very good shot Dusan!

Nicely set up and composed.

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Thank you Bill :-)

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There's always dust. Even with canned air, there's always dust. So much dust...
Anyways, great shot.

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Exactly, as you said. Tons of dust. Thanks Carlos.