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SeaSide Dreams

This was my first visit to Secret Beach. When I arrived it was lightly raining and overcast, so I had no hope of getting any kind of sunset shot. Stayed in my spot above the beach and just shot pictures for about 90 minutes while I waited to see if there was any hope the clouds would clear. Finally clouds started to open up in the direction of the setting sun, I was for sure thrilled and excited when color showed. About 20 minutes later the clouds had closed back in and a fine misty rain was falling by the time I made it back to the car. It rained all night and the next 2 days. The best shot of my trip. I chose to leave the girl in the scene as she gives perspective to the scene.

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Thank You

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I love this shot!♥ The contrasting colours are just exquisite.

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Thank you!!

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Beautiful! Did you use a 17mm lens?

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Thank you Richard, for this shot I used my 24-70 mm lens. Three vertical shots at 24mm.

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Wow, you are an expert!

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Love this !

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Thank you Jonathan.

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absolutely great landscape shot!

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Thank you Damian

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Very nice. Love the mood!

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Thank you Scott

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Wonderful scene!

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Fantastic colors and tones!!

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Beautiful capture