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Damn Jaime - i just wish I had just half of your imagination and vision.

Hehe...thank you :)

Who is this model I think I've shot her?

Ha that's Lauren Calaway; small world!

Lauren Calaway has a wonderful Instagram feed

Great headdress!

Awesome photo!

Thanks :)

Love this :) awesome man, great work

Thanks so much :)

This is breath taking! I'm stunned! amazing photo!

Thank you :)

This is stunning. I've always wanted to do a shoot with a head piece like this.
Great work.

Damn, its awesome jaime,.. loove

'Kin Brilliant'

Hehe...thank you :)

i am liking this color palette very much(very pastel)

Thank you :)

great shot

Thank you :)

Really loving this image too !!

Really cool. I could see this on my wall.


Everything about this is just beautiful!

Cher circa 1972!

That's crazy beautiful Jamie. Interesting, we have the same website theme, Yay for me :)

this rocks