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Bo Bickley's picture

Damn Jaime - i just wish I had just half of your imagination and vision.

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Hehe...thank you :)

Lee Morris's picture

Who is this model I think I've shot her?

Patrick Hall's picture

Ha that's Lauren Calaway; small world!

James Lewis's picture

Lauren Calaway has a wonderful Instagram feed

Andrew Yianne's picture

Great headdress!

David Vaughn's picture

Awesome photo!

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thanks :)

Joel Devereux's picture

Love this :) awesome man, great work

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thanks so much :)

lifeofaku's picture

This is breath taking! I'm stunned! amazing photo!

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thank you :)

Matt Allan's picture

This is stunning. I've always wanted to do a shoot with a head piece like this.
Great work.

Al Mansur's picture

Damn, its awesome jaime,.. loove

Peter Ward's picture

'Kin Brilliant'

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Hehe...thank you :)

Alex Rivera's picture

i am liking this color palette very much(very pastel)

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thank you :)

kimberly Cook's picture

great shot

Jaime Ibarra's picture

Thank you :)

Dave Piper's picture

Really loving this image too !!

Anonymous's picture

Really cool. I could see this on my wall.

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Casey Braunger's picture

Everything about this is just beautiful!

Dudley Didereaux's picture

Cher circa 1972!

Ravi Tahilramani's picture

That's crazy beautiful Jamie. Interesting, we have the same website theme, Yay for me :)

Robert Williams's picture

this rocks