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Flowers in the Stream

This was shot in Colombia near Medellín. The lens is at about 24mm, which makes the location seem bigger than it was. in fact, it was just a few square metres. Carolina struck the pose, we threw flowers (later adjusted in PS), and got the shot in less than ten minutes.

Read the full story at: http://markeilbeck.com/creation-flowers/

Sony A6000
24mm (in 35mm) · f/4.5 · 1/60 · ISO 400
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Thanks, Evan. It was worth getting wet for.

Love this picture - great work! What were you using to to fill and light the model's face?

Thanks Christian, an assistant was standing in the water a few feet to my left holding a Godox AD360 with small softbox attached. It was quite low power. If I remember correctly, perhaps 1/8th or 1/16th of full power.

Thanks for the clarification and additional inspiration. I also have the AD360 so it is great to see how it can be put to use like that in the field. I just would not want to drop that external battery pack in the water! If you are running low power, have you tried the AD200? More portable with almost the same power. A very nice unit.

Yes, it does get a bit tricky around water, and the softbox did fall off once, nearly floating away.
Mmm, the AD200 is tempting me. It would've been perfect in this scenario.

great work Mark!

Thanks, Andrej!

That looks amazing

what camera? What lens?

Hi Felipe, a Sony A6000 with the 10-18mm f4 lens.