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The wonder of life.. Part 2

4 years ago I did a prenatal with the same mother and won here on 1x the pubic choice award.
The mother was pregnant with her 2nd child and wanted again a great memory of her 9 months.
So I decided to create an b/w series of her.
I wanted it really so perfect as possible and I hope that I got it right :)

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I really like the this, the lighting etc is great. As a rule I detest maternity photography but I think the patterning and uniformity of this wins it for me.

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Thank you

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A wonderful concept and great shot.


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Do you have a link to Part 1?

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Great concept and realization.

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So beautiful pattern made! I just love it!

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Fantastic work

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Beautiful work..I wish there are more light to the baby ..

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Beautiful concept and lighting , very well done , love it

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I'm not sure what I love more, the negative space or the subject. Very cool!