BTTF by Felix Hernandez
June 30, 2017

New project... BTTF.
One more for the series "Famous Cars" Making effects on camera...

Behind the scenes video in Youtube:

Complete project on my Behance:

Hope you like it!!!... Thanks for watching.

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Felix Hernandez's picture

Hey Lee!!! thank you buddy!!!!

Antonio Rivera's picture


Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Very cool Felix!

5 ⭐ after I saw the making of video - awesome work! 👍🏻

Felix Hernandez's picture

Hehehehe!!! Thanks Markus, gladd you liked the video!

Alexis Paoli's picture

perfect tribute to this awesome film !

Alldaron Knewitz's picture

You are amazing!!!

Stefan Gonzalevski's picture

Marty and Doc Brown would be proud ! Great job !