Jason Squyres's picture

Strawberry Drizzle

Just a little cascade of chocolate syrup dripping from one strawberry to another, pretty simple...

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Farbod Green's picture

well done, I'm sure you had fun shooting this because I also shot a strawberry chocolate while ago and it was fun while being complicated.

Jason Squyres's picture

Thank you very much. And I did have fun, I also put on about 2 pounds I think :)

Farbod Green's picture

haha, exactly that's the kind of fun I was talking about. unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy it because my assistances took care of every thing. food photography is not healthy at all.

Paul Stolle's picture

I love the lighting.

Jason Squyres's picture

Thank you Paul

Keith Snyder's picture

I like this idea. Very nice. The lighting against the background gives them an interesting halo.

Jon Miller's picture

look very edible, I did a shoot with a model who was covered in chocolate while she was eating a strawberry.

Goran Avramovic's picture

So what to say except self-righteous.
Па шта рећи сем самвршено.