Canon 5D Mark III
70mm · f/6.3 · 1/500s · ISO 640
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Andrew Yianne's picture

Nice shadows!

Josh Eskridge's picture

Thanks, Andrew!

Erika Barker's picture

Wow, Beautiful work Josh. Love the grid lighting concept.

Josh Eskridge's picture

Thanks so much, Erica!

Ravi Tahilramani's picture

Love this one

Josh Eskridge's picture

Thank you, Ravi! I appreciate that.

Mohsen koofiani's picture

good shadow effect

Josh Eskridge's picture

Thanks, Mohsen! I appreciate that.

Bavarian DNA's picture

Love the mesh effect from that layer above her, She looks nice in a 3D way ( Not Flat image ). Beautiful soft light and sharp details

Josh Eskridge's picture

Thanks, Bavarian DNA! I really appreciate your feedback. The light was sunlight coming in through a skylight in the ceiling of my building. I had her lay on the floor and position her head right beside the grill that the light was shining through.