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The Saloon

Uploaded on Jul 18, 2017

In pre-colonial Kenya a story is told of a saloon built at the heart of an infamous town “Death City” in the Eastern Frontier District. The small town was inhabited by a group of outlaws who committed serious war crimes during the Great War of Liberty of 1871 and fled East of Mt. Kirinyaga (now Mt. Kenya). We set out to photograph a few of the remaining 5th Generation descendants who still own and control the secret saloon.

Read the whole story on www.pekatphotography.com

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Awesome story! AWESOME SHOT!!! I absolutely love the atmosphere in this image. So cool!!!

Thanks friend!

Love it! Except for the slightly tilted horizon, but that's easily fixed.
Great scene and lighting!

Thanks man, well noted! will work on that :)

Very well done.

I'm glad you liked it :)

I really like this photograph. Well done.

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