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Buried Treasure

"Buried Treasure" | Brown Bear Cub | Alaska Homestead Lodge | Soldotna | Alaska

The bears that we saw during our 5 day visit mostly fed on the sedge grasses. The early morning low tide allowed us the opportunity to photograph the bears digging for clams in some beautiful light. A light coating of water in the morning sunrise created a spectacular sight!

Another noteworthy point is that this was taken before I toppled my tripod, 7D MKII and 600mm F4 lens into the mud. The camera took the worst of it and fortunately the lens was protected by the LensCoat neoprene wrap. Make sure all 3 tripod legs are locked in place! Lesson Learned.

Canon 7D MKII, EF600mm F4 IS, ISO 400, 1/1000 Sec, F4, Manual Exposure

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