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Photo shoot with Lucia Javorcekova

Nikita Tikka

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I'm really liking the mood in this.

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Thank you Dave

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I think I can be looking at this photo for hours...!

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I remember first finding your work on 500px, glad to see you here on Fstoppers! This shot is easily one of my all-time favorites of yours.

The pose, mood, lighting, her expression, all work so well together!

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Hi Rex, Thanks so much. im really glad you like this shot. I think Fstoppers is amazing community to find inspiration from other photographers work, read reviews and get some new info.

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The model is beautiful.I grew up taking some images in b&w. This image is excellent. The lighting is wonderful. Keep up the excellent work. Keep shooting this beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing this image.

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stunning shot!