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Moon Trail

September 1, 2017

I made star trails before but this is the first time I was trying for moon trail. It was full moon evening so decided to make 30 minutes shot. single shot with 10 stop ND filter.Happy with my experiment and result.

200mm · f/8 · 30 minutes · ISO 50
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Patrick Hall's picture

Whaaaaa this is crazy! How much research did you need to make this happen?

Rakesh Karda's picture

Thanks. Yes, even I was thinking same that 30 min exposure is crazy. Got lot of hot pixels on sensor. Little research is needed for location,timing and weather. Surely you can't do mistake with exposure triangle calculations otherwise you have to wait for next full moon.

Wayne Denny's picture

This is absolutely phenomenal!

Todd Higgins's picture

This is brilliant! A unique shot. Nice work!

Very cool!

Matthias Dengler's picture

Wooow! So much patience for one shot!
And I'm glad for your that the sky was clear!
great, man!

Kareem Joseph's picture

Very creative shot. I can say I have never seen something like this before. I love the complementary colors.

Zach Alan's picture

This is incredible, great work! I can imagine you had a MASSIVE amount of hot pixels on this shot. How'd you clean it up?

Zach Alan's picture

Thank you so much for the response! This really is an incredible shot.

Hermann Bouroncle's picture

I am amazed. The luminous trajectory is sensational. Where I live there is no low horizon (well, not nextdoor...). Very inspiring.

Stefano Chiarelli's picture

Something new! Great

thiagobrevidelli's picture

Man, this is one of the coolest shots I've seen for a while. I think this really could become a thing, like "moon trails", whatever. Congrets!

Julien Hébert's picture

Wow! I think that it's the first time I see something like this!! Congrats on doing something really different from what we usually see!

How did you calculate that it would take 30min ?

Rakesh Karda's picture

I did High ISO Preview.. I knew moon will be blown out anyway, so just measure exposure for lighthouse with high ISO preview. put 10 stop filer and adjust the exposure time accordingly.

joseph cole's picture

that's so freakin badass guess i need to purchase a 10stop filter just another thing to add to the list

Rakesh Karda's picture

Thanks! Yes, I never leave my ND10 stop at home. Must buy!

Ryan Luna's picture

lol...so sweet. Looks like a giant spotlight on the lighthouse.