Hanka by David Nogol
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Leif Egil Hegdal's picture

Amazing work

Dave Spates's picture

This is amazing, great capture.

Just came across this piece. Excellent shot David! Are you able to share some background to this wonderful work of yours?

Thank you Quinn :) My friend Hanka found girl, who owns tamed fox. So we make a trip to Poland to visit her. Shooting was difficult, because fox wasn’t cooperating well. I have to shoot in burst mode (8fps was really helpful) and try to capture all interactions between model and fox. All interactions last only few seconds and during shooting, I didn’t know what I will capture. This was quite lucky shot :)

Well David, all your hard work paid off because this picture is absolutely amazing! Keep up the great work my friend.

William Hill's picture

So very soft and pleasing to see. Love it.