Collect magic moments, live your youth and embrace it! by Matthias Dengler
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Collect magic moments, live your youth and embrace it!

September 4, 2017

After I got bored of shooting landscapes, carrying tripods around and chasing sunsets, I took a step into a new direction one year ago. I started portrait photography. And now, I love it so much more. It is less static, more social and gives me the chance to create unique moments that can't be repeated, in contrast to the same composition with just different weather of a prestigious place.
The girl I shot here, is not a model. Just a girl I got to know through Facebook. So yeah, photography offers so much more. I already made so many new acquaintances and friends through it. It's time to celebrate photography!

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Oh thank you so much, Gabrielle!

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I see someone is on to Brandon Woelfel

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Well, it is inspired by using the fairy ligths he uses. Still, my result is way more different than his.
I like to apply other people's methods into my own work and create my own thing with it. I actually find my post-production way different and better than his, to be honest.

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Not gonna knock it, it is indeed quite different. His entire color palette is quite different and yea, it's pretty special. The lights almost became trademark-esque, hence my comment. I do agree with you though, I like your twist of it! It's quite a notch more natural.