The ultimate bridge by Hermann Bouroncle
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The ultimate bridge

September 11, 2017

X100T Fujifilm. 35mm equiv. t13 sec @ f/2, ISO 2000
Location: Colca Valley, Peru.

Considering in advance that it would be very hard in the night to evaluate a possible framing for my composition, I visited the area in the afternoon. The foreplanning was of utmost importance since I fantasized with a water foreground but at the same time didn’t want to get a bit wet. I used a Manfrotto tripod that held very steady the lightweight x100t. It was a very cold night, about 2+ celsius so I recommend good warm clothes. My flashlight fell down in the river, take allways two because you don’t see your own feet in the dark. I must confess that I didn’t know about the definitive light shaping that showed up in the end. An apparent weak light illuminated the bridge and revealed the profile of the mountain slope, besides another blueish source added depth in the back.
The key to this photograph is the sharp sky, for that commitment I followed the 500 rule, applying 13 seconds of exposure. Actually, I was hesitating to use the maximun apperture of f/2 fearing some softness, but the result speaks by itself.
I used LR for processing including an automated lens profile correction, finishing in photoshop.

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