The stars pond by Hermann Bouroncle
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The stars pond

September 11, 2017

X100T Fujifilm. 35mm equiv. t25 min @ f/8, ISO 800
Location: Colca Valley, Peru.

At first sight there was no enough light to focus at a distance so I found of great help the electronic meter, very accurate. This time I used a heavy Manfrotto tripod the reason being I had to get to the middle of the river and settle over an irregular rocky ground, the long legs and their flexibility solved the problem. The relative low ISO relieved me from noise issues. My long exposure of 25 min put me a risk of blowing the hightlights which didnĀ“t happen in the end. I recommend to the enthusiast photographer allways review his notes and exif data to improve at least with an starting point.
Managing the final colors was very tricky since I got a strong yellow greenish color cast from mixed lightling. It all was available light coming from a hotel in the near. I tried with several lightroom profiles before fixing by Chrome from Fujifilm that provided a more realistic over all balance. I had still to tweak the wb though.
After lightroom, I processed in photoshop the hotpixels noise.

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