September 12, 2017

Took this photo for food menu cover proposal

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Scott Spellman's picture

It's certainly a solid photo. Creatively, I would expect the goals and styling direction comes from the client, not the photographer. I wonder if the hot dog is the best choice of a dish to feature.

Juriy Kolokolnikov's picture

Thank you. The shooting was for the menu with special offers

Mike Patrick's picture

It's a great choice if that's what your client wants shot.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Everything's great about the photo, including the small petals at the bottom right corner without which the composition would not be complete.

Juriy Kolokolnikov's picture

Thank you!

Mark Polansky's picture

Super photo. I really like the arrangement of the food, and the locatinos of the colors, e.g., red in upper right, green in upper left and brown at bottom left. The french fry at bottom of paper looks a bit two-toned, perhaps a bit too much on half of that fry. Otherwise, a great shot. Now I'm hungry. Where can I get a hot dog like this?

Juriy Kolokolnikov's picture

Thank you. If you visit Almaty city, Kazakhstan, I give you address of this bar ))