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12mm · f/8.0 · 1/2s · ISO 200
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Thank you!
Long expo, CPL filter, ND 1000 filter.
Beautiful natural lights and Photoshop. :)

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Love it.

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wow where did you find this one ? tip top

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this is a masterpiece ! i love it !

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This is !@#$%#$%&$^&* UNBELIEVABLE! Love It!

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Love it!

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Great shot and post-prod !

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Thank you! :)

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Back in the days when film photography was thriving, there was a thing called the rule of thirds. It was an imaginary grid that photographers utilized to insure any image was composed properly throughout the entire frame. The ship is placed directly in the center of the frame, there is too much negative space on both sides of the ship. In my opinion, if you crop this image, the overall image will be enhanced substantially. Thank you for sharing this image

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Wow!! This is an epic image!!

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Thanks! :)

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shoot from the heart not book of rules if you did you would lose some of that cloud

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fabulously taken!!