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The Lines in My Hand

Shot on a Nikon D750 with an old Soligor 35-70mm lens. Super soft when shot wide open, but it has such a surreal, almost swirly bokeh that it was hard not to pack with me for this shoot.

We were aiming for some dreamier, instagram friendly images in this set of shots, and the built in softness paired with the surreal warping in the background really drove it home.

I applied a landscape preset in Lightroom I created to get me the foilage colors close, and then tweaked it to work for the remaining images in this series to make a more unified look. Photoshop was a matter of some mild re-touching and removing some of the color cast from the skin while also reinforcing the compositional focus to the model's face. This was a combination of info I acquired for free via youtube, as well as an RGG EDU retouching course via Pratik Naik.

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