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Off the Grid

This photo was a result of my time assisting the photographer Glen Norwood in Belfast N Ireland. He had a way of doing strange things to get interesting results, and that gave me the idea to ask the model to wrap the grid around her while I was taking it off of my octa!

Canon 6D
135mm · f/11.0 · 1/100s · ISO 100
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I love the colors, lighting and more than anything the creative use of grids! well done

Thanks! I used to assist with this photographer who would just do strange things like rip up backdrops and have the models hold the pieces or wrap it around them and this kind of happened through the same "I dunno just wrap it around you" approach haha

haha, that's what I call "Improvised Photography" which is the foundation of my personal workflow, to do things in the moment and not thinking about it beforehand.

Right????? Like.. You're almost guaranteed to make a creative pic if you don't even know whats going to happen and just work with whats there on the spot