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Winter Is Here Personal Project

This image is part of a series I've been working on with the goal of having fun and also learning something valuable. I've heard so many people saying how bad it is to rip off work and it got to the point where I said screw it because I wanted to start making images that I love, and the first step is finding the clues to what I love. Imitation, Internalization, and then Innovation. I wanted to find styles I like, learn exactly how to do them and add it to my bag of tricks so to speak, and then use that knowledge to continue forward creating my own original ideas that align with my preferred style using the lessons I've learnt from recreating different styles. Woo! Hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts! (I know I didn't put the Knight King in the eyes... Maybe that will be next haha) Fun story about this specific image, this was taken at a New Years party I attended with my family. I brought my equipment in hopes that I could create some content while taking some time off at the same time haha

Canon 6D
105mm · f/11.0 · 1/125s · ISO 160
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