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I made a cupcake in my broken camera


My camera died on me on a trip to Bolivia and my warranty got voided because the service repair found fungus inside the body. I decided to give this loss a creative twist and turned the camera into a cupcake mold (did I say mold?). Lesson learned: never leave your electronic equipment in a humid place!

**Update: the camera died in Bolivia, but the fungus came (probably) from bad storage 1 month before that trip. Also, I am 100% aware that I'm lucky that I had a second 5d4 with me on that trip, and that when it got declared junk, I went to buy a third one right away. I didn't want to put any sad feelings about this. The idea of making a cupcake made me feel like it would be a fun way to deal with this situation. Also, there is absolutely nothing against Canon in this idea. I've been working with them for over 10 years, and I currently own over 200 of their cameras and 300 lenses. What's important here is to remember to store electronics properly when not in use! Have fun guys ::))

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Absolutely amazing feed, every single shot is just fantastic. I feel like you should at least have merited a Petapixel article with this one though!

I enjoy seeing the creativity in processing loss. Tasty, too. Haha.