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Nike - Ice Pack

It's not photoshop, we actually froze them!

Each boot was individually frozen in a shallow plastic tray, propped up so the front of the boot protrudes out of the front of the ice block.

Timing the ice was critical, too long and the ice became opaque and the product was difficult to see, too short and it was too thin and fragile to work with.

After we smashed the ice and took close up detal shots amingst the frozen shards

Unfortunately we could only fit three boots in the freezer, so the other was shot separately and composited in...can you guess which one!!??

shot for @prodirectsoccer and @nikefootball as part of the Fire and Ice campaign

41mm · f/8.0 · 1/125s · ISO 50
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Love these ice shots. You didn't do anything to the ice, it's directly from the freezer?
Nicely done.

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Thanks, yep straight from the freezer.

The key is it's only partially frozen, creating an approximately 1cm thick hollow ice cube...that way the ice was clearer