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White magic

November 22, 2017

There is something special with the first untouched snow. White magic :)

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Caetano Chappuis's picture

Beautiful.. Love the colours

Paul Rigby's picture

Absolutely wonderful image - it grabbed me straight away.

Hans Gunnar Aslaksen's picture

Thanks a lot. Love the cold :)

Dr J's picture

Stunning. a wonderful picture, great work.

Nick B's picture

It's a great picture but again, please go wayyy lower on the clarity cursor in post (or the sharpening, I don't know what you used), the snow is actually grainy and looks fake where it should be a lot smoother. You don't need everything to be pin sharp in a tranquil winter forest scene like this, I feel like it kills the mood. If it's your lens that makes it too sharp, then the image needs either some mist or added blur in post. Your other images in your portfolio are amazing though.

Hans Gunnar Aslaksen's picture

Thanks for the feedback Nick! I think you are right. This is actually an older image. I have improved my post process skills since then :)

Angie Peltier's picture

Love winter scenes. This is magical.

Hans Gunnar Aslaksen's picture

Thank you so much Angie!

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