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Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck

This is a composite shot of the famous plane wreck in Iceland. I shot the photo of the plane at blue hour. Unfortunately I only had the option to visit this place once and the sky was all covered in clouds. Later on I shot the milky way on a trip to Portugal and blended it in to make this. Let me know what you think!

16mm · f/4.0 · 30s · ISO 3200
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Wayne Denny's picture

Gorgeous shot. Although it's sad to see that it's missing parts that were there when I was a couple years ago. I don't understand why people would want to destroy parts of it...

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Thanks, Wayne! I'm glad you like it. Yeah, it's really frustrating with people crawling all over the wreck for a selfie!

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Well, maybe don't look at my shot because we did hook a hammock up to it. But people are literally ripping pieces of it off, and I can't understand why. A memento? That's what the photo is for...

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If that's the case it's really sad! Well, I guess a hammock is less damaging than muddy shoes, skateboards etc. on the top and sides of the plane ;-)

charles warren's picture

Really makes me wonder and wander. Hope you understand. Great shot and mix, they fit.

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Thanks a lot! I'm really glad you like it.

ashley list's picture

Love the composition of the shot. The stars in the background could do with some better optics to nail some pin sharp stars. Then you have a poster you can sell. But I know, getting pin sharp is hard as nails. If you have the time an money see if you can invest in a tracking mount or some of the newer optics for astro. I had the old rekion 14mm. Quite good for wide, but my 18 - 35 arthouse was in another league. I look forward to seeing a revised image in a few years time. 5 stars

ashley list's picture

Hope you don't mind, but had to make this my desktop background.

Mathias Kristensen's picture

Thanks for the critique! Yeah, the stars could have bin a tad bit sharper - I was using the “500 rule”, but actually with that I can still see some movement in the stars when zooming in. Thanks again for the kind words and useful critique ;-)
Also, I’m glad you wanted it as your desktop background!

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Well, you got me out of my slumber and I had a go at astro again. WOW it's as hard as I remember to focus. Slushy stars.

It was good to see the galactic belt and the small Magellanic cloud again.

In the past, I hooked the camera up to an IPad so I had a bigger screen to nail the focus. I also stepped down from F2.8 to F4 I think.

The desktop background looks good though!

Mathias Kristensen's picture

That’s awesome! I’m glad I could play part in you getting out there.
It’s also the biggest issue - nailing the focus on the stars on those small screens ;-)

Mattias Richter's picture

Some extra sharpness and contrast in the sky and light painting on the airframe would make all the difference in the world.

But still at really nice image that deserves a 4.

edit. Sorry just saw that it was a composition that ruins it for me. But thats just my opinion..