This was shot one early morning in Madagascar. The trees you see here are baobab trees, and they look like they are standing upside down - roots up. I usually try to avoid this kind of wide angle distortion, but in this case I deliberately chose to use it as it emphasises the height of the trees. The oxcart was essential for showing the scale, so I waited until one appeared in my frame.

This photograph was published as a double page spread in National Geographic.

Marsel | squiver.com

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Very nice capture Marsel.....congrats on the NG spead!

Thank you Dieter - this was shot at the start of my photography career, so a while back. I appreciate the congrats though! :-)

route of morondava, lovely pic too. like the misty atmosphere :humidity or dust ?

Thank you! It's early morning mist. When I arrived it was much thicker.

Beautifully captured shot which showcases your efforts and though.
Congratulations of Natgeo Feature!!!

Actually this is one of the place I would love to shoot atleast once.
It's being in my bucket list for long. Would you mind if I ask a few questions about the location?