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Steffen lock Nilsen's picture

the plant is really distracting :(

Sorry you don't like it. I personally do and shot it intentionally with the plant in the foreground. This is part of a photoset for Suicidegirls.com and the set consists of about 50 photos. This shot works better when included in the entire photoset rather than out of context as a single shot.

Steffen lock Nilsen's picture

I like every bit of the picture, exept the plant :P
Do you have a link to the rest of the album? Id love to see it :)

The set doesn't go live for another 3 weeks (the queue on the site is about 4 months out - this was actually shot in March). Here's a link to the model's SG profile, where the photoset will be published once it's live. https://suicidegirls.com/girls/zephi/ FYI, you have to be a member of the site to view the photosets.

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