MEORIS exclusive watch by Jaroslav Juracek
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MEORIS exclusive watch

February 2, 2018

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Travis Pacheco's picture

Great shot. Watches are such a challenge to shoot.

Jaroslav Juracek's picture

Thanks Travis. Yes, especially at the beginning. Still remember :)

John Dawson's picture

Great work!

First off, GREAT SHOT!

That being said, people say, “ALWAYS set the watch to 10:10 or 1:50,” but this is one of those times when you ought to have considered, 7:50:23.

The minute hand hides the aesthetics of the “date display” area. Also, kind of hard with the second watch to find a “good time,” but 7:50:23, I think, would have been better on that watch also.

Remember, “Never say, ‘never,’ and always avoid, ‘always.’”

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