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Moonrise at Sunset over Saddleback Mountain

This image is a single exposure that was part of a timelapse of the moon rising over Saddleback Mountain in Orange County, California. Unfortunately, it was the last frame before "shutter shake" started ruining the sharpness of the images in the timelapse, which caused me to scrap the timelapse. This frame, however, turned out pretty sharp.

This was a "supermoon", or a "blood moon", or something, I don't remember. I don't really pay much attention to those things, all I know is that every time there is a full moon, there is also a perfect moonrise at sunset, and then a perfect moonset at sunrise. A lot of people have been distracted lately by the hype of these adjectives, and not realized that there is an amazing opportunity for a photograph like this every single month, sometimes twice a month.

If anyone is interested, these types of photographs can be predicted using any of the free or affordable apps (my favorite is Sun Surveyor) that offer sun, moon, and even Milky Way prediction.

200mm · f/4.0 · 1/20s · ISO 100
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