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The Drill

I created this shot for the first lesson of my Fstoppers Tutorial "The Hero Shot - How to Light & Composite Product Photography" https://fstoppers.com/product/hero-shot-how-light-and-composite-product-...

Right from the very first lesson, I set out to prove that you don't need the most expensive equipment to create an awesome product image. Because great imagery is not about the gear you use, it's about knowing how to craft the light on your subject. It's about knowing how to follow your creative intuition. It's also about having the technical chops as well as relying on the experience you bring to the table as a visual problem solver.

In fact, in this lesson, I used continuous lighting that you can buy from any hardware store. The result is an awesome advertising style product image that could easily be used on advertising signage in a retail store.

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