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Residential Dining for Cityscope Magazine

Shot for CityScope magazine for their Premiere Living feature.

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very nice.

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Great photo with, for me, one jarring element - what I assume to be a chair similar to the chair at the opposite end of the table looks like a levitating bath towel. :-)
The way the light catches it make the back of the chair look like it is about 6" thick (front to back) which in turn causes it look like a bath towel that should be hanging over the end of the table. However, the change in shade top edge to back, which looks like the fold in a towel over over the edge of the table, does not line up with the edge of the table so the 'towel' looks to be levitating.
Took me several minutes to realize it is in fact a chair like the one at the other end. I suspect it took that long because the chair at the other end is partly obscured (not a problem in and of itself, they are a great element) by the vases/plants on the table so I didn't immediately see it.
Yes, I know, it is probably a view unique to me but that is the way I initially saw it and now I can't see it any other way.

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Yeah I would have turned the chair a bit toward the camera. I also would have centered the runner. Excellent work otherwise!