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She is turning 6 months old and already a great diver.
This is one of my first images i shot back in 2012 when i just got started with photography. Its shot in my bathroom at home with some modifications. I removed all clutter and shampoo bottles before i shot. The dark blue tiles goes all the way around originally so i had them removed in post, it would take too much focus from the jumping baby. In this case a clean image was a happy image.

The image is made from a total of four images. The foam in the bathtub was one, my wife one, the baby is one and the background is one.

Feel free to ask me anything if you have any questions.

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Canon 5D Mark II
35mm · f/11.0 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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Hi Rebecca, thanks :) I've updated the text. Have a wonderful day.

Great expression and motion! Outstanding! Congratulations on POTD!

In love with this one. great capture :) keep the awesome work.

Love it :)

Love the happy fun feel, well done!