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February 12, 2018

Firestarter is part of the photo sessions made with colored gels: COLORFUL SERIES.
In this case, unlike my previous productions, this one has more Photoshop intervention.

Firestarter es parte de las sesiones de fotos realizadas con geles de colores: COLORFUL SERIES.
En este caso, a diferencia de mis anteriores producciones, esta tiene más intervención en Photoshop.

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Wow, amazing shot omg <3

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Thanks Evan!


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Thank you Lee!!!

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Thank you Mark!

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Splended idea!

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Thanks Dirk!

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We see a lot of colored gel shots that look cheesy and dated. This one looks awesome. What I love more about this shot is the color transitions that you achievied. It seems like you used three lights. Do you mind sharing some info on that?