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Sweet dreams are a photo series that transport us to the 80s, taking us to a universe full of neon colors and dreams of an exciting future.

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Love this

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Thanks Ryan!

Robert Wagner's picture

The color is amazing, and I love the reflection on the screen.

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Thanks Robert!

Julien Mériot's picture

Is there any CGI on this? It looks amazing and kinda inspires me to do a 80s inspired photoshoot! :D
Amazing job Gabriel!

Gabriel Sosa's picture

Almost everything is done since the photo was taken.
Only the neon triangle and the Pacman on the arcade screen are made in Ps Julien!

Isaac Holyk's picture

Super creative!

Ara H.'s picture

Beautiful play of lights and colors! Love it!

Carl Gia's picture

Love the retro style!

Thomas Boudewijn's picture

Awesome shot, great lighting and colors!

Paul Tortora's picture

Great image... color is superb, pose, simplicity...

Kevin Plovie's picture

Waaaaauwwww !!! Nice set-up. Nice model, pose ans those neon colours... I love it !!! 5 stars ++