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Taken by Nature

Some pictures are turning points in your career. "Taken by Nature" is one of them. It was created with beautiful model Minna Kosonen. I found this magical oasis in the middle of forest. Place has a history as a fortress from World War I and it has a very unique atmosphere in the middle of a finnish forest. This picture took me and my model to the next level - we created something that was totally new for both of us. Together we cherish memories from this day.

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Absolutely stunning shot, great work:)

Thank you so much, Ben! :) I really like your style too!

Superb shot. I thought it was a composite when I first looked at it. Nicely done.

Thank you :) And yes, it's not a composite - the place is real and magical here in Finland ;)

wow amazing! the colors the composition, the retouch, great work truly

Thank you so much :)

Wow...love everything about this picture.was there a light with cyan gel in the BG??

Thank you so much! Yes, there was a flash with dark cyan gel in the cave.

Stunning, Love it

Thank you :)

Amazing picture Suvi! Magical!

Thank you so much :)