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Lighthouse Sunset

Montauk point lighthouse, one of the very few places to photograph a sunset at a beach in the east cost US

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Really nice shot but I think I would have repositioned so the rock would have been to camera left of the lighthouse so as to lead the eye to the lighthouse, accentuate the rocks curvature and remove it from the lighthouse's vertical line.

but that would mean he had to stand in the sea ))) what if it is deep there

I wouldn't have taken it, as is. Again, that's my opinion and luckily everyone has different ones so life is more interesting. :-)

Love this picture. Well done. I don't agree with Fargo's suggestion about the rock. To me it adds to the beauty. And sometimes you just can't reposition. I've from Maine so rocky coastal shots just ring my bell.

I'm jealous! I've never been to Maine and have always wanted to go. :-)

Excellent! love the perspective standing in the water.