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Escape from Berlin

New digital art called "Escape from Berlin".I got the idea after watching some WWII movies!All images used in this artwork are stock images,mostly from deviantart.com

sand explosion effects by: http://ashrafcrew.deviantart.com/
plane 1 stock by: http://lucy-eth-stock.deviantart.com/
plane 2 stock by: http://fantasystock.deviantart.com/
German soldiers stock by: http://random-acts-stock.deviantart.com/
road stock by: http://austriaangloalliance.deviantart.com/
dark clouds stock by: http://grannysatticstock.deviantart.com/
fire stock by: http://dbszabo1.deviantart.com/

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In general, this is great work! A couple of details would help to sell it: the shadow from the rear plane is not quite in the correct place or orientation. The direction of the machine gun fire from the front plane is illogical--it would not be able to fire at an angle from the guns mounted below the wing. Even though it's dramatic, it would increase the realism for the plane to be moved further "back" in space so that the guns were placed correctly to hit the dirt explosions in the foreground. Finally, the visibility of the planes' propellers implies a super-fast shutter speed, but the dirt explosions are motion blurred; masking out the planes' props and applying a radial blur to them might help sell the illusion that the props are spinning.

Thank you for your input.I'm new in this photomanipulation and compositing thing so in future I'll try to be focused even on the smallest details.Thanks again!Cheers!

It's definitely good work--the only reason I notice this kind of thing is that I work in video production, so when I'm creating SFX, they have to look as genuine as possible.

Critics from you are always very welcomed then! :)

Nice composite work, but the "guns" on the Spitfire are actually under wing air intakes for the radiator and the oil cooler. Sorry, but I'm a detail guy!

Thank you dude!The guns were mentioned in the earlier comments also.I'll change it on the final version but here it will stay as it is.Cheers!