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Home Sweet Home

Hopefully, the first in the series. The idea came to my wife and I just had to do it :) The whole process took slightly less than 3 hours to composite.

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Thanks a ton! Means a lot to me, since I'm a huge fan of your work! :D

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This is so damn cool Lev, great concept, simple and nailed!!

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Thanks a lot Mario! :)

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I teach a lot of classes to hopeful amateurs who want to turn pro and the first thing I share is "create work that can't be ignored.

This is it! Bravo.

You might have to team up with your wife more often. :)

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I will :) Thanks for your comment!

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Love it!

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thank you! :)

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5* Epicness!

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Made me smile. Good job!

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thank you kindly! :)

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Freakin awesome!!!

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thanks! :)

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I'm curious to know if you photographed both the doughnut and the snail ?

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Actually none of that. I have photographed the snails, but I didn't like the angle and instead of doing another shoot I've managed to find a perfect stock image. As for the donut, it's really hard to get those in Ukraine, so it made more sense to get it from stock as well.

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Ah ok, thanks for your honesty. It'd be great if you did a version with your own photos, so you could sell prints.

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LOVE IT! so good man:)