Sunset Spur by Cameron Mackey
Cameron Mackey's picture

Sunset Spur

July 20, 2014

This photograph is from my second photoshoot ever. I was about 9 months into photography. Spur of the moment shot while the model was changing into my moccasin boots haha. I seen the light and yelled “Gabi LOOK. OVER. HERE." Shot using Canon Kit Lens (it was the only lens I owned at the time).

Canon T2i
24mm · f/4 · ISO 100
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Sara Smoot's picture

Really nice photo, love the light.

Cameron Mackey's picture

Thank you! After a few years of shooting, it’s still one of my best haha.

Josh Eskridge's picture

Beautiful shot! Great light and mood.

Nick Urgu's picture

Is she a friend of yours or a collaborator? Very interested in how she looks today, if her face changed?

Cameron Mackey's picture

Model/Friend. Haha she actually still looks the same!

Michael Sneeringer Jr's picture

Very cool shot.

joe stemmer's picture

Nice catch. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. :)