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Avengers IRONMAN fan art

Right after I finished watching Avengers: Infinity War movie, I got my mind blowed by all the VFX, the amazing photography, scoring, sound design and all the master piece that always MARVEL deliver to us.

So I couldn't resist my inspiration to create another composite, this time like a movie poster of Avengers with IRONMAN.

The pcharacter it is actually real, it is a good friend of mine called Alejandro Rousseau, he is a profesional cosplayer that does that for living, so I got a lot of pictures with different poses from him at a Photography & Compositing workshop I
gave in CDMX, Mexico some months ago, so those pictures where acumulating dust and I had to do something about it. This is the result.

I created the background with several pictures I took from a journey to Spain I did with my family. The floor is a solar panel from a hotel, The barrels are actually beer barrels haha! While we were walking in Spain I saw a guys delivering some beer to a place so I thought it was going to be a good asset for a good composite, and it was! The walls from the sides are actually air ducts from a underground parking. The back wall is an electric parking gate from the same place. The red lights are just a light I found somewhere and then put it red. And the fire and smoke are stock pictures I bought in Photobash.org.

I spent like 2 days to finish this composite.

Right now I'm working on the speed retouch video so you'll be able to watch the process behind this poster, but I want it to have my own music so I'm composing some orquestral music inspired on the last Avengers film :)!

I hope some day to work creating posters for sci-fi movies!

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wonderful art!

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Thank you!!

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Yo estuve en esa sesión. Rifation!

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Gracias carnal!!