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Daily dose of RGB

Yesterday I was writing and this image came to my head. I used Blender to model and render the syringes plus some kilograms of Photoshop and Oniric on top.

The text which inspired me to create the image was the next:

"There is a cure for humanity and it is already inside each one of us.

There will be peace in the World when humans learn to respect each other realities and understand there is no real truth.

When caring about sharing exceeds arrogance from their minds.

When they stop trying to control what they cannot control.

It is a waste of energy to try to convince someone that their reality is the only truth, this is the biggest problem in humanity, which evolves to the separation of precious beings to egocentric dimensions full of lies and low frequency energy waves.

When humans become aware about their own mistakes and understand that it is ok to fail, that it is ok to make mistakes, that there is nothing bad about making them, that's how the mind learns. But they judge themselves too hard that they cannot accept their mistakes, they think other humans will hate them for that so they hate themselves...

Daily Dose of RGB is the cure."

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