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Black Church Rock in the Fog

May 16, 2018

pic Cinematic Sunrise through the ( extra) thick fog at Black Church Rock along the North Devon rugged coastline- met two awesome German photographers who were witness to my precariously placed tripod tipping over and me diving to catch it before it smashed into the slate rocks below !! No video but we all had a great laugh about it!

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Grzegorz Piechowicz's picture

Excellent mood and composition, superb!

Marcin Świostek's picture

Really nice picture. Would you mind sharing setup and settings?

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Thanks, Marcin- really appreciated.

Setup is a Canon 6D, Sigma 12-24 at 23mm and a Formatt Hitech 3 Stop soft grad filter + freshly brewed coffee ( most important part)
Shutter speed at 0.6 to get the water movement in the foreground and some focal stacking as the lens isn't the best at sharpness. Also shot a frame without the filter to have an evenly lit frame for the rocks ( also because my filter is very scratched )

Post work was quite minimal, everything I did I learnt from POW with Eli Locardi Tutorial.

If there's anything else you would like to know give me a shout : )

Marcin Świostek's picture

Thanks! That's great info. I was suspecting the coffee but was not sure of the blend. ;)

andrewchislett's picture

World class. Wish it was mine!

Jean Claude Castor's picture

great one jason. but it looks like there is water on the lense right on the rock in the centre. or is it just the mist/fog around there? cheers from berlin

Jason Brown's picture

Hi Jean, Good spot, thats just thick fog between me and the rock : )