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Starlight Tea

I'm trying new tricks this week! A cup of star shine tea, anyone? I wasn't certain how this idea would work, how to make tea bag look natural, how to make the stars. But eventually, it turned out pretty nice! Hooray to experiments))

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It looks great but I bet it tastes over the moon...

I see what you did there))

Wow t his photo looks awesome! My only critique is the watermark. On one hand it looks like the logo to this brand of tea but I see it's also your name. I'm not a fan of watermarks on professional images but maybe you could add some text to make it look more like a tearsheet advertising the company (if there is infact a company). Great work either way!

Well, it's a personal project, not a company. And I don't really like watermarks too, but sooooo many Russian companies are not bothering with copyright, I kinda have to use it.



This is fabulous. I love the cool smoke bringing out the warmth of the tea and the ingredients below. Bravo!

Thank you so much! ^____^