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Tetramino tea. Part 1

Sugar cubes are awesome. You can think of them as of building blocks and create an entire diabetes-inducingly sweet castle. Or you can think of pixels and build an 8-bit video game full of cookies. A cup of Tetris tea, anyone?

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So original - this is why I love your photos...

Thanks a lot! Trying to do my best))



wow! amazing work!

Thank you!

This is simply amazing!

Thanks so much!)

amazing photoooooo

Thank you! ^_____^

Thanks a lot))

Wow, this is brilliant. I'm really curious how you got the lighting right on the 'falling' pieces.

I shoot everything together, so it wasn't a problem)

your work is very entropic. It's quite unique and truly beautiful! you definitely have your own style going.I'm very inspired!

Thanks a lot!)

So creative.. love it

This is hilarious and wonderful!