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Austrian Beauty

Today I did a "just for fun" project based on the movie poster American beauty - hope you like it!

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Bill Larkin's picture

great concept. I like it.

Jostijn Ligtvoet's picture

Nice. Although (in my opinion) the falling bottles are distracting.

Irene Rudnyk's picture

completely agree, that's the first thing i noticed

chrisrdi's picture

Hahahaha perfection! XD Well done!

DJ Toman's picture

Hilarious concept. I'd skip the falling bottles, too.

Warren Surette's picture

Too funny!

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Paulina Jowita Koltun's picture

Amazing :D

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Love it! This gets my five stars! :D

Tobias Köstl's picture

Thank you very much!

Josh Gutierrez's picture

Love it! That's hilarious. You ought to do more of these, but with different figure heads aka, Trump, Hillary..etc..etc..

Tobias Köstl's picture

great idea! perhaps i'll shoot something like that in winter when the wedding season is over.

Anonymous's picture

Love this. Top dollar

Derek Madge's picture

I like the falling bottles- it adds motion and a third dimension.

Aaron Duke's picture

Very cool!

Matteo Callisti's picture

Fantastic! :D