Fossil Mechanical Watch by Max Bridge
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Fossil Mechanical Watch

May 24, 2018

I created the watches in this image by compositing multiple shots inside Photoshop. The front and back were shot separately and then merged together. By doing so, I had absolute control over the reflections on the back side of the watch and it made the process far easier.

There are a few BTS images in this article on watch photography -

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Tom MacDonald's picture

Nicely done Max.

imtiaz chaudhry's picture

Very nice

Nolan Henley's picture

I like everything about this, the only thing that bugs me is the lack of a reflection of the watch in front of the other.. Super nit-picky I know, but it is a shiny reflective surface.. Did you try playing with this idea already?

Max Bridge's picture

You are absolutely correct, there definitely should be a reflection. In all honesty, i didn't attempt to add one but perhaps will do in the future. Glad you like it!