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One thing that all photographers (hopefully) have in common is collaborations. A while back I traveled with 2 fellow photographers from Brooklyn to a friends place in New Jersey. This guy has a wall full of vintage camera gear and our model/photographer was dressed just right, I figured it would be wrong not to shoot some vintage holding vintage in a vintage!

Canon 60D
100mm · f/4.5 · ISO 100
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Love the concept and the execution.

Thank you John :)

this is the sickest. well done.

Thank you Grayson :)

Lovely shot! It reminds me of when I did something similar, years ago, in San Francisco using my old Mamiya RB67 Pro-S MF camera.

Your muted color palette is also extremely pleasing, I like how the color of the table/support that the camera is resting on is repeated in the model's skirt. :)

Thank you Cristina!
Did you shoot yours with a digital camera?
I cannot help but think how awesome it would be if I had shot this with yet another vintage film camera!

The colors just worked out that way, I got super lucky!!

Yep, I had shot it with a Canon 5D that I owned at the time. I did have a film body (Canon Elan 7Ne) at the time but I had left it at home since I was already hauling 2 cameras around.

As for the colors, that's awesome! I love lucky little surprises like that.

Classic, Simple, Beautiful

Thank you Tobais!

I really wanted to like this more, but i got hung up on a technicality: the image in the viewer should be upside-down. It was that way in all the TLRs I ever used. That's the only thing about the image I have a problem with. Everything else, including the model's clothing, is great.

Would you believe me if I told you this is not photoshopped?
If I remember correctly, the image is indeed reversed side to side, but not upside down!

You are correct. My memory is faulty. Meine Schuld.

I love this.

Thank you :)