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Avrohom Perl
Brooklyn, NY
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Photographer, Retoucher
Avrohom Perl Photography
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Gear List
  • Canon 5D MKIII
  • Canon 100mm macro 2.8
  • Canon 85mm 1.8
  • Canon 50mm 1.4
  • Sigma 35mm art 1.4
  • Canon 580exII flash
  • Canon 430ex

I am a Brooklyn based commercial/product photographer.

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Hey Avrohom, what's up? Where abouts are you? Loving your product photography. Dang it, looking at that sushi on your site makes me hungry for some raw fish, even at this morning hour! Listen if your clients ever have some extra dishes left over after your shoot, just call me up. I love food :-)

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Haha, you got to love 6 hr photoshoots were they dont want to throw out any of the food...

I'm in Brooklyn.

I'd love to pay you a visit one day, your work is fantastic!
You ever do commercial work?