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Alert porcupine

I didn't go out looking for porcupines, but I met this very cooperative one on the trails. I was able to shoot from all sorts of angles and perspectives. Dum dee dum.

Nikon D610
200mm · f/3.5 · 1/1000th · ISO 900
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Your ability to capture soft light in encredible!

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Thank you, Rob. I'll admit I was able to spend a good amount of time getting a variety of shots of this porcupine. Although wild, he was very docile as he sees humans often on this popular trail. He probably gets fed too :/

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Roadrunners are like that around here. I’ve heard of people that leave pieces of meat out for them on a porch, and they begin expect it. As far as waiting at a door for said human to give them a snack. I haven’t done this myself, but it seems to be a good to get close ups. Not that I agree with feeding wild life.

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Great shot, did you try a flash on him ? His eyes are so small they're hard to look at. Maybe a flash can bring a bit of glitter so the viewer knows where to look right away ?

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That's a good point, Nick. I could at least dodge the highlights in his eyes. Thanks.

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