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Storm Advisory

This monstrosity swept in and threatened to wipe Aylmer, Quebec off the map! Well maybe that's a little dramatic, but man, the DRAMA! Good-looking storm, that one. As seen from Andrew Haydon Park, Ottawa.

I achieved this by plunking down my tripod and setting my camera to take photos continuously. The storm was starting to get away from me as I tried to compose the bench properly in the dark, using the flashes of lightning to get my bearings. I settled on an exposure time of 6 seconds, so the clouds which were lit by city lights didn't become too blurred. I love the orange light contrasting with the blue-white light of the lightning. I love that the cloud frames the top of the image. I love the bands of rain. It just worked out really well.

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WOW! I cant believe no one has commented on this photo. Now THAT is an awesome looking storm front. The clouds are threatening, I also love the bands of rain 😀

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me

Fantastic capture Michael 👍

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Thank you Shane!